“He only thinks about his mouth”: Laurent Wauquiez crushed on the right

Laurent Wauquiez of the Les Républicains party seems lately to be viewed with suspicion by members of the right. For some, the politician does not think enough of his party and a little too much of his little person, according to information from the express published on January 13.

Former president of the Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez will remain an important figure in the party. This is why his acts and gestures do not go unnoticed, especially when he does nothing… In the express, on newsstands this Thursday, January 13, the 46-year-old politician is heavily singled out by the right. “We do not see it with Valérie Pécresse for example, and it starts to talk internally, including among those who are on his line, such as those close to Eric Ciotti”, entrusts to the media an adviser to candidate LR. According to some of his colleagues on the right, he would be the type to want to win alone rather than as a team, unlike Valérie Pécresse who, for her part, seems to wish to unite the troops of the party. “His problem is that he only thinks about his face”, launches the adviser bluntly to sum up his remarks.

Last October, an LR deputy told the Parisian that Laurent Wauquiez “hate Pécresse”, having never digested his departure from the party in 2019. When choosing the LR candidate for the 2022 presidential elections, the president of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region would have supported Michel Barnier in order to make the right lose, according to the interpretation of a mayor close to Xavier Bertrand: “He says to himself that it is better to have another five years of Macron, and hope to recover the piece after. Unfortunately for Wauquiez, his plan failed. It remains to be seen whether Les Républicains will still emerge victorious from this battle.

Wauquiez, allied with Zemmour and Marshal?

A right-winger “outside the walls” told of his dream of a shock trio to unite the right and the extreme right in the columns of the express. According to someone close to Eric Zemmour, to achieve his ends, he “needs two people: Laurent Wauquiez and Marion Maréchal”. For the moment, the three political personalities do not seem to be working together. But according to some members of the right, things would be done quietly, but surely. Surprises in prospect?

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