“He really failed…”: Francis Huster tells the chilling story of Dominique Besnehard’s discomfort

The day after the Miss France 2023 ceremony, Dominique Besnehard, who was a member of the jury, felt unwell. Francis Huster, who was driving with him, returned to the sequence of events.

The day could have ended very badly. On Saturday December 17, Francis Huster was the Jury President in the election of Miss France 2023 and was accompanied by other personalities, including Dominique Besnehard. The day after the election, the two actors had to return to Paris by carbefore a tragedy occurs.

Present on Thursday, December 29 in Media culture on European 1Francis Huster said of his friend: “We were there, we joked about everything. And all of a sudden, when you arrive 150 meters from Gare Montparnasse, there, he felt unwell (…) He had eyes like death. The eyelids were not lowered. The eyes were open. His body was the Grévin museum. There was nothing left. It was terrible. You had to stick your tongue out and give him a massage.“. An event particularly traumatic for the 75 year old man.

Francis Huster: “We would have been on the highway, he lost his life there”.

Luckily, Francis Huster was in the capital at the time of his friend’s illness and was able to contact the fire department. “It is an extraordinary stroke of luck. We would have been on the highway, he was losing his life there. We were five minutes from the fire department, they arrived very quickly” he explained. After a cardiac massage during which the film producer suffered a broken rib, the firefighters managed to save his life and rushed him to the Pompidou Hospital in Paris.

After the facts, Dominique Besnehard spoke on Facebook to announce that he was in stable condition and to thank the actor for a con dinner as well as his friend Hubert. For his part, Francis Huster then gave reassuring news : “Everything is fine, he is going home today (…) He came back after two days in a coma, he really almost died. He must take it for a sign of fate“. A misadventure that the two men are not about to forget.

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