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Maël Briand is a seasonal worker who came to work in a Savoyard restaurant located in the resort of Méribel. Missing since January 20, 2023, the young man sent a disturbing message the night before his disappearance.

After Sihem Belouahmia, Eléna Cluyou or even Leslie and Kevin, here is a new case which is added to the long list of young people who have recently disappeared in France. This time it is a seasonal worker who left for Méribel to work in a Savoyard restaurant. Three days after starting his service, Maël Briand gave no sign of life, causing concern among those around him. Disappeared on January 20, the 20-year-old young man was seen by a surveillance camera in the early morning wandering around a roundabout in the Savoyard station.

A few hours later, the boy’s entourage mobilized to collect a whole series of testimonies. The investigation opened for worrying disappearance was entrusted to the gendarmerie of Moûtiers whose investigations follow their course as confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office of Albertville to our colleagues from RMC Crime. Close to his sister to whom he is used to giving news, she declares that she has not noticed any strange behavior since taking up her activity in the establishment. With Baby Onions from the Savoyard station.

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A disturbing message

“He was happy with his work, he sent us photos, messages, videos. His boss was proud of his work, he was good”, confides Yaëlle Briand, the sister of the young man to our colleagues. An observation shared by the team of the restaurant where the young man had made his debut a few days before vanishing. “He was motivated, nice, correct. He had only worked three days, we had just met, but it was starting well. There was no problem”explains the restaurant manager to RMC Crime.

The evening before his disappearance, Maël Briand ends his shift at 11 p.m. before spending the evening in a bowling alley and joining the apartment in which he lives with a roommate. But in the early morning, his roommate does not find the young man in his bed. Disturbing fact reported by TF1 Newsthe bathroom door in the apartment is locked from the inside and the window in the room is open.

Shortly after, the disappearance of Maël is reported by his employer when the young man did not show up for his post. Using CCTV cameras, the gendarmes were able to spot the young man in the early morning wandering around a roundabout and holding a snow shovel in his hands. The fact that Maël sent a disturbing message the night before his disappearance greatly worries those around him. Around 2 a.m., the young man contacted a friend who had remained in Brittany, indicating “I’m in danger Manuel at the Petits Oignons restaurant”, relates the sister of Maël. As the investigations continue, Yaëlle Briand plans to go there to participate in the research and find answers to the outstanding questions.

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