“He speaks very cash”: Brigitte Macron reacts to her husband’s shock sentence on the non-vaccinated

This Friday, January 14, Brigitte Macron was invited on RTL on the occasion of the launch of Operation Yellow Pieces 2022. During this interview with Alba Ventura, the First Lady returned to the shock exit of the Head of State at the about the unvaccinated.

Brigitte Macron obviously did not escape. As was the case two days earlier in the 1 p.m. of TF1, the First Lady, who was the guest of RTL this Friday, January 14, was once again asked about the shocking little sentence recently uttered by Emmanuel Macron, about the non-vaccinated, in the columns of Parisian. Guest of Alba Ventura, she explained that the President of the Republic used to speak “cash“: “Emmanuel speaks very frankly, speaks very cash. Night and day, he takes care of the health crisis“, she said in the preamble.

If she did not pour out on the formula used by her husband, the former professor affirmed that the head of state was entirely devoted to the health crisis. And to entrust: “He knows there’s no other way out right now. There is nothing concretely other than the vaccine. That’s why it has to be done.” However, Brigitte Macron, who herself received her doses of vaccine after contracting Covid, explained that she understood the reluctance that some French people may have vis-à-vis the vaccine.

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Brigitte Macron “hears” the fears linked to the vaccine

After reacting to her husband’s short sentence, Brigitte Macron spoke about vaccine fears : “There are fears about this vaccine. I hear them, I understand all the fears“, she said at the microphone of RTL. And to continue: “From the moment there is fear, need to be discussed. You have to explain. It means that maybe, on the pedagogy, maybe we didn’t really understand what the Messenger RNA was and the fears, I respect them. Therefore I think it needs to be explained. Me, you know, I’m a teacher. So I’m still in the explanation. And we sometimes think we are clear. But you have to measure what the person opposite does not necessarily understand”, she explained. The message has passed, it remains to be seen whether the president and the government will hear it…

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