he was planning to murder his ex-wife and kidnap his daughters


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Arrested and taken into custody, the man was looking for a weapon and had started to assemble a team to achieve his ends.

The man, Sébastien L., was accused by his ex-wife of sexual assault on their two daughters. Arrested last week and placed under examination and then in detention at Fresnes prison, he is accused of having wanted to kill his ex-partner and kidnap his daughters, aged 8 and 10, reports The Parisian. It was by investigating another case that the departmental security police of Val-de-Marne managed to understand the intentions of the 37-year-old man. Listening “Exchanges between suspected drug traffickers” details the daily, the police were able to demonstrate that Sébastien L. “Did everything to attack his partner, from whom he is separated, and his daughters”.

The Créteil prosecutor’s office specified that the father of the family had “Started to build a team, creating a group of people he already knew, supposed to help him”. The investigation has yet to determine whether those concerned had planned to help him or not.

A partially prepared project

Without being able to obtain a firearm, the man would have fallen back on a katana, a long Japanese sword, found at his home by the police. Deprived of seeing his daughters since the beginning of the year, due to accusations of sexual assault on them, Sébastien L. was already the subject of an investigation. A judicial investigation has been opened for “Participation in a criminal association with a view to committing a crime” and will have to determine how well his project was prepared, explains The Parisian. The man confessed to wanting “get revenge” of his ex-wife and take his daughters abroad, although without particular attachment outside France, said the prosecutor’s office in Créteil. He should be the subject of a psychiatric examination.

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