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On the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, restaurateur Thomas Chisholm was stabbed. A 19-year-old man was taken into custody. According to Le Parisien, the former candidate of “Top Chef” was not the person targeted by this attack.

The investigation is continuing to try to find the author of the stab wound to Thomas Chisholm. On the night of Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, 2022, while he was in front of the ephemeral Grand Palais for the Taste gastronomic festival in Paris, the former candidate discovered in season 12 of Top chef was the victim of a knife attack. The days of the young man, injured in the right thigh, are not in danger, after his condition was quickly stabilized by the emergency services. However, a judicial investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office for attempted murderaccording to information from Parisian.

Later on the evening when the tragedy occurred, a 19-year-old man was taken into custody after being quickly arrested in the Passage de Gergovie, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. If he is not the author of the stabbing, which, meanwhile, is still wanted by the authorities, he is suspected of being at the origin of a brawl which opposed two groups at the time of the facts. According to The Parisiana dispute would have arisen “on a background of alcohol between two men” during the closing evening of the festival, in front of door C, reserved for professionals. Quickly, several individuals got involved. The man taken into custody, who is a person outside the team of the young 28-year-old restaurateur, would then have designated a target to be injured. But, according to the daily, it was Thomas Chisholm who allegedly received the stab wound on the back of the thigh, by mistake.

What did Thomas Chisholm do after Top Chef?

Former contestant of the cooking show Top chef, Thomas Chisholm had integrated Michel Sarran’s brigade into the M6 ​​program, before switching to that of Hélène Darroze and being eliminated during the ninth episode. In 2021, he opened his own restaurant, Chocho, in Paris, where he offers cuisine marked by his Catalan and American family influences, he who was born in New York before arriving in France, in Perpignan, at the age of 14 years old. “I tend to go all over the place”he had thus confided after his departure from Top chefexplaining that he then had to “channel [s]are ideas”despite his desire to “to propose [sa] cook as soon as possible”.

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