Head of Sexual Empowerment: 3 questions for Johanna Rief from Womanizer

Best job?
What does a Head of Sexual Empowerment do? 3 questions for Johanna Rief from Womanizer

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We know and love Womanizer – very, very, very much! After all, masturbation is the most beautiful form of self-love. Selfcare at its best. Encouraging women to do so is Johanna Rief’s mission. She is Head of Sexual Empowerment at Wowtech. Is that the best job in the world?

Dear Johanna, what does a Head of Sexual Empowerment do?

My work is very diverse and varied. For example, I am in constant contact with experts, sex therapists and medical professionals from all over the world and follow current trends and new findings, read studies and take part in panel talks. We want to initiate important discourses, accompany them and draw attention.

What is your mission

As Head of Sexual Empowerment, I would like to initiate a dialogue, break down taboos around the topic of sexuality and thus encourage as many people as possible worldwide to lead a sexually fulfilled life. I also represent the mission of our Womanizer brand.

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What do you mean by sexual wellness, and how do we manage to finally get masturbation out of the dirty corner?

Sexual wellness is an encroachment on a number of different measures or products with the aim of increasing or maintaining one’s own sexual health and satisfaction. Of course, this also includes sex toys, which can primarily improve sexual satisfaction. Other examples of sexual wellness are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, regular checkups at the: m gynecologist: in or not using vaginal douches. But also an open conversation with the: m Patner: in about sexual desires and needs is one of the things that can ultimately lead to a better sex life together. Sexual wellness can be completely individual. Nobody should feel pressured and find the right path for themselves.

In order to remove the taboo from masturbation, we have to “simply” talk and inform about it – openly, honestly, without shame. With our friends, our family, our children (keyword: correct sexual education), our partners. Only when this topic becomes tangible and visible for everyone – or for more people – will masturbation no longer be concealed and viewed as something normal. Which in the end it is.


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