Heading out to sea

The young magazine Spheresled by Lucas Bidault, Simon Rossi and César Marchal, seeks to change our view of underexplored environments through the stories of a few enthusiasts, and thus “understanding a facet of our society”. After issues dedicated to dancers, riders, or even tattooed people, this eighth issue takes us into the world of sailors.

Interviews, portraits, reports, the magazine offers a kaleidoscopic vision of the marine environment, accompanied by striking photos. By sweeping wide, Spheres leaves room for a multiplicity of points of view, making the navigators speak in the same way as those who live while waiting for their return, as illustrated by the file “Those who remain”.

We are made to live in particular the daily life of a mother whose husband, often absent, is chief of operations aboard a nuclear attack submarine (SNA). As for the report “From side to side”it reflects the broad spectrum of sailing enthusiasts, successively making us meet the sailors of the sailing club of Choisy-le-Roi (Val-de-Marne) and the members of the sumptuous Yacht-club de France.

Give the desire to take off

Among the highlights of this opus, the joint interview between Thomas Pesquet and François Gabart, entitled “Sea, Space and Fun”, allows you to better understand the personality of the two browsers. The discussion between these two friends who admire each other is an opportunity to highlight the common points and the differences between the profession of the man who spent nearly four hundred days aboard the International Space Station. (ISS) and the one who holds the record for sailing around the world in forty-two days.

The astronaut and the navigator meet to evoke this space which they have in common, that “which is not made for us”, in the words of Thomas Pesquet. Whether it’s the vacuum of space or the storms of the ocean, the two men find themselves locked in a cabin from which they must manage an environment that is hostile to them and that demands of them a ” adaptability “a requirement that exalts them.

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Reverie in front of a mysterious space, the need for a horizon, the joy of sharing one’s adventures are some of the themes that bring the two navigators together, and which they approach with rationality as much as with humor.

The 144 pages and almost twenty short stories that make up this mosaic of navigators also offer us an escape from the hustle and bustle of the present through a trip aboard the Brioca replica of a light boat (a curragh) dating from the Xe century, in the company of the historical reconstruction association Gward an aod (coast guard), but also a literary journey, thanks to a selection of texts evoking loneliness at sea. to take off.

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