Headphones for PS5 won’t just work with your PS5

According to FCC certification, headphones designed by Sony for the PS5 will be based on Bluetooth LE Audio and come with a USB dongle. It will therefore be possible to enjoy it on PC or smartphone.

Source: Sony

Last May, on the occasion of its conference which allowed the formalization of its Project Q controller, Sony also presented its first wireless headphones designed specifically for the PlayStation.

When they were announced, however, Sony remained rather reserved on the characteristics of these wireless headphones. The firm was content to reveal their case, inspired by the design of the PlayStation 5, as well as their compatibility with a ” new wireless technology developed by Sony“, without further details. No information therefore on their compatibility with the 2.4 GHz standard for wireless audio without latency, or the various Bluetooth audio codecs offered.

However, two months after their initial presentation, the siteNoteBookChecks, generally well informed about the projects of tech manufacturers, was able to get their hands on the certification of the headphones with the FCC, the American commission in charge of telecommunications. Since it comes to lean its logo on the packaging of the various products sold on the American territory, the FCC has a right of inspection on the wireless protocols used.

Headphones compatible with Bluetooth LE Audio and supplied with a USB dongle

The certification thus provides certain information concerning the headphones, starting with the protocol used for their wireless connection. This will be Bluetooth LE Audio, the new wireless transmission standard which is gradually beginning to be deployed. In addition, the headphones will indeed be supplied with a USB adapter to connect to a console, a PC or a smartphone. This should allow transmission with very low latency, like what can be had with wireless headsets designed for gaming, always relying on Bluetooth LE Audio. A system that is reminiscent of that announced by Qualcomm a few weeks ago, with the promise of a latency of only 20 ms.

The documents shared by the FCC also allow us to learn that Sony’s headphones for the PlayStation 5 will indeed be equipped with an active noise reduction function.

We should know more about these headphones by the end of the year. The certification indicates that certain elements must remain confidential until October 12. It could therefore be on this date that Sony will reveal the full characteristics, price and availability of its PlayStation Buds.

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