Health Lowest blood supply: a vital emergency

The French Blood Establishment (EFS) alerts for the second time in its history with a “vital emergency bulletin”, faced with a level of blood reserves in France “historically low”.

“The level of blood reserves in France is historically low, a critical situation on the eve of departures on vacation, which could prove dangerous in the short term to treat patients”, writes the EFS in a press release, stressing that it “publishes for the second time in its history, less than six months apart, a vital emergency bulletin”.

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Reserves too low to face the summer

France, which is in “a situation similar to other European countries, must absolutely return to a stock level of 110,000 blood bags by mid-July, whereas this stock is now less than 90,000 bags. blood,” we continue.

According to the EFS, “despite the mobilization of donors in June, the level of blood reserves remains too low to face the summer”. It is indeed more difficult to mobilize donors during this period of the year.

“If it does not recover in the very short term, it will not allow the EFS to supply hospitals and clinics with blood products during the summer to treat the sick,” he warns.

Given the situation, “all donors will be welcomed”

Through this new alert, the EFS, affected by the health crisis, “asks all citizens to mobilize massively in the next ten days by making an appointment to donate blood”. He specifies that “given the critical situation, all donors will be welcomed”.

Some “10,000 donations are needed every day to treat patients, for whom blood transfusions are the only alternative to being treated”, recalls the EFS, calling for “urgent solidarity from citizens”.

A list of collection points can be viewed on the EFS website or on the Don de sang app.

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