Healthy Australians also suffer from anxiety disorders after a severe Covid

The Australian Jett Stanton (21) should receive his first Covid-19 vaccination. Shortly before that, he tested positive for the virus. The following night he was in hospital. He never expected, said the young man “Herald on Sunday”that the virus would hit him so hard. «I have no previous physical illnesses. I eat healthy, exercise, don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, ”says Stanton. He also stayed home on purpose to avoid contact with people. “I cannot stress enough that you cannot predict how Covid-19 will affect you, no matter how healthy and young you are.”

The infection began with a persistent, painful cough, sharp chest pain, nausea, exhaustion, headache and cold sweats. He had “never felt so uncomfortable and sick before”. The virus has also severely affected his mental health. He could no longer sleep and suffered from anxiety disorders. The semi-professional skateboarder recently suffered a panic attack. His body was so weak that he passed out for several minutes: “I felt so helpless,” says Stanton.