Healthy living – 35 small tips with a big impact


You want to live healthier and get fitter? You can do that! With a firm will and our tips you reach your goal.

Here’s how it works: Take two or three tips from the list that you keep following – as a small milestone, so to speak. Once you’ve incorporated the tips into your daily routine, you can make a new tip until your final goal is reached. Do not forget: Have fun with it. Here we go!

1. Regular health check-ups

We can do a lot to be healthy and fit for a long time. Regular health check-ups at the doctor are included. They provide information about the state of health of our cardiovascular system and our kidneys. In addition, the doctor checks if there is diabetes. Depending on the age, these basic examinations may be coupled with cancer screening. From the age of 35 years, the health insurance usually covers the costs of such a basic check-up every two years.

2. Find out what you love!

It is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle if you do not know what is going on. That’s why it finds out! This can be a new fitness program or something creative. There are no limits, just one consequence: When you do what you love, you are in your element, feeling well and happy.

3. Never give up!

With the promise to never give up, you achieve everything you have planned. A little exercise: Sit or lie down at your favorite spot in the apartment, in the park – wherever you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine your future self, what you are feeling, what you look like, maybe where you are and what you are doing. This image, this feeling – look at it carefully and store it in you. Then come back to you, open your eyes, feel again. Every time you doubt or even give up on your way to your destination, remember the image and the feeling. And on we go!

4. Eat natural foods

Canned soup, fast food or packed – all these foods should get out of your storage cupboards . They are industrially treated, often mixed with chemical substances. Rather go to fresh products that provide pure energy and valuable nutrients. Because you are what you eat!

5. Healthy living is possible without renouncement

Keep your fingers off exclusion diets! They only teach you renunciation, which can lead to long-term deficiency symptoms and diseases. Better: if necessary, a change in diet strives for and combines it with enough exercise and sleep – these are still the best conditions for a healthy life.

6. Without breakfast the day went?

Your breakfast should not consist solely of a downed coffee . Take the time for a healthy breakfast. This gets the metabolism up to speed and creates a good energy base for the day.

7. How about milk?

Factory farming, poor feed quality through the addition of hormones and antibiotics – there are many factors that affect the quality of milk. Alternatively, you can – depending on the tolerability – dodge almond or soy milk. Make sure that they contain calcium and are not mixed with sugar.

8. Drink less alcohol

Not only does alcohol contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to diabetes when consumed too much. The contained ethanol also affects our organs and can lead to long-term memory and speech loss, impotence, infertility, muscle cramps or even heart problems.

9. One meatless day a week

You do not have to become a full-time flexitarian immediately. They refrain from eating meat for three or more days a week and generally consume only high-quality organic meat. But at least on a weekday you could give priority to whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits. This relaxes the stomach, provides valuable nutrients and gives us a good conscience.

10. To eat at the table

In front of the TV or the computer we mostly do not realize what and how much we eat. We are so distracted that we quickly shovel tons of food into us. We also do not chew the food properly, so we only digest it poorly. Better to sit quietly at the table and eat. Then we not only notice in time when we are full, but also make the stomach and intestines work easier.

11. Vegan Desserts – a smart compromise!

Who says you can not be fit and still eat mousse au chocolat ? This vegan version is healthier and good for the slim line.

12. Proteins for a firm body

Proteins make our muscles powerful and contribute to important, organic regeneration processes. It is all the more important that we deliver healthy proteins to our bodies. Fortunately, the selection is huge: not only meat and fish are good sources of protein, but also vegetarian foods such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, kidney beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, peas, wheat seedlings and quinoa.

13. Red meat is taboo

Eat Mediterranean and eat fresh fish instead of red meat – heart and brain will thank you. At the same time you prevent cancer and diabetes with a Mediterranean diet .

14. Three big or rather several small meals?

Even the nutrition experts argue about this question. Fact: No matter if three large or small meals, regular and conscious eating is important for the body. This helps digest the stomach and intestines better, and you do not eat beyond your satiety. Those who want to lose weight should pay particular attention to the energy balance. Means: Only if you supply the body with less energy than it needs, it goes to its energy reserves and you decrease.

15. Green tea for health

The tannins contained in green tea soothe the gastrointestinal tract. It also regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. At the same time, its high vitamin and mineral content and its phytochemicals make it very valuable to us. These so-called flavonoids bind free radicals, protect against cancer and strengthen the immune system.

16. Ginger – healing sharpness

The sharp-tasting gingerol contained in the ginger plant has an anti-inflammatory effect, dissolves mucus and relieves pain. If you suffer from travel sickness, you should chew a small piece of ginger. It helps against dizziness – usually the trigger for nausea. Even with gastrointestinal upsets or in the cold period ginger helps with its antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

17. Eat vigorously

Ask yourself on every trip to the fridge: is it bored or is I really hungry? If you just do not know what to do with you, turn around again. Read a book, listen to music, do something productive. A small workout at home can not hurt either. You should eat only when you are hungry.

18. Sleep better with an empty stomach

It’s time for bed, but you can not sleep? That could be because you had eaten too late. Because then our digestion keeps us awake. That’s why you should not eat for at least two hours before bedtime – for a quiet and restful night.

19. Stay away from soft drinks!

Soft drinks only seemingly quench our thirst. Due to the high amount of sugar, they are rather dehydrating. Most of the excess sugar can not be consumed by the body and is converted into fat converted into energy. Possible consequences: tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Diet or light products are also not recommended. The synthetic sweetener Aspartame contained therein is said to be responsible for side effects such as headaches, allergies, seizures and even cancer. The healthy alternative: mineral water with fruits – also tastes sweet and strengthens your immune system.

20. You are your top priority

You can not achieve goals like “getting fit” or “losing weight” with powder, pills or starvation. It all starts with your personal decision to make your health a priority. So decide!

21. A date with yourself

Of course you can keep your plans in mind, but we promise you: The bastard will be stronger in this case and present you with many excuses. So, pin out, draw calendars and sports free!

22. Interval training is worthwhile

Freeletics , Crossfit, Tabata : Interval training is booming – and with good reason. “In all studies, circular or interval training suggests endurance training in terms of fat burning, strength gain, afterburning, and even stamina, because it produces more muscle-building and fat-reducing hormones,” says sports scientist. Till Sukopp. Good reasons to include one or the other interval in your own workout.

23. Provide variety

Constantly doing the same is simply boring in the long run. Your musculature sees it the same way. So challenge her! Change the training type, be flexible in training duration and intensity. You will see, the muscles thank you for this change with more growth and performance.

24. Keep the goal in mind

There will always be times and excuses to skip the training. The question is: how do you deal with it? The best remedy against training failures is discipline. However, this is determined by self-motivation. Therefore, it is worthwhile to regularly check the training and adjust if necessary. There are many ways to stay motivated. It is important to always keep your own goal in focus.

25. In case of doubt, ask for support

If you doubt that you will reach your goal alone, ask your best friend or sister if they will at least go to training with you at the beginning. Once you start, doubts disappear in no time.