Hearthstone: The Legends Festival mini-set arrives at the end of the month

Blizzard Entertainment just revealed this week a new mini-set of cards for its game free-to-play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, The Festival of Legends. 38 new cards from theAudiocalypse will be available at the end of the month. ETC will return to the stage with dual-class card combinations, and more.

Players will be able to discover 4 legendary cards, 1 epic card, 17 rare cards and 16 common cardsavailable in packs of The Festival of Legends or by purchasing a complete set of 72 cards. The normal versions of the mini-set will also be available for purchase with real money or for 2,000 gold coins, the same for the golden version, but for 10,000 gold coins, this one including an additional legendary diamond card . Blizzard add:

It’s time for the Audiopocalypse! On May 31, the 38 new cards of the Audiopocalypse, the mini-set of The feast of legends, arrive in Hearthstone. ETC returns to the stage, complete with new dual-class card combinations, as well as a demonic guest for Brawls and Battlegrounds.


The Festival of Legends has been in full swing for a while, and the Tauren Grimtotems of Thousand Needles have had enough of the commotion! ETC is back in service, as well as his guitar, to encourage the musical formations present to unite against the Totems-Sinisters! The future of music depends on it! Defend our right to party across Azeroth!


A festival is always a unique experience, to the delight of the public. What could be better than a panoply of new combinations of spells and dual-class minions to celebrate eclecticism?
New revamped cards add a different bonus effect to each turn in the player’s hand.


The Eternal Conflict invites itself to the inn! Diablo will be making a comeback as a Battlegrounds Hero from June 5-7. The Diablo-themed Brawl will take place June 7-21. Players will be able to test their mettle by taking on the mysterious Dark Stalker in an epic boss fight (whose progress is saved from game to game) for a chance to win a diabolical card back.


New story-related ornaments allow scholars to display their passion for reading. From the studious Elise bookseller to the seductive Thrall, prince frog, passing by the imposing Gargouil’dan, there is something for everyone. These items are available in the shop!

See you on May 31 to find out all about it. Hearthstone is playable in free-to-play on PC, iOS and Android, you can find cards Battle.net at the house of Micromania.

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