Hearthstone: who won the battle of honor in Alterac Valley?

Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Divided Into Alterac Valley, plunges players into the divide between the Horde and the Alliance. They must choose one of the two factions, and earn honor points for each duel won, with a point bonus when the loser is a player of the opposing faction. Blizzard has revealed which faction has officially won the fight over its card game, and this is the Alliance !

A result which may surprise, since in World of Warcraft, the supporters of the Horde are much more numerous than those of the opposite faction.

This “community” victory of the Alliance implies that all players (hordid or alliancious) will receive a diamond card of Stormpike Vanndar. Blizzard should logically proceed with the distribution of the map after the deployment of the next patch, expected for next week.

The fight is not completely over, however, since you can still collect honor points and thus progress in the military hierarchy of your faction, in order to unlock golden cards of the expansion. Completing this pseudo quest line will also grant you a golden card from the leader of the opposing faction. the grind is therefore always good to take.

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