Heat in the car – “After ten minutes it can be life-threatening”

Accident expert Gerhard Kronreif talks about the baby incident in Wals in an interview with “Krone”. He knows how dangerous the heat in the car can be.

Mr. Kronreif, with regard to the incident with a baby locked in a parking lot: How can it be that a car locks itself automatically? Is that possible? It’s possible. It depends on the model. There are many different systems. There are vehicles that lock automatically when the doors are closed. In this case, the driver may have inadvertently pressed the lock button on the key in the vehicle, so that the Audi locked itself automatically when the doors were closed. I therefore recommend everyone: Always carry the keys on your person. How dangerous can a situation like this be? In the blazing sun and high outside temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius, temperatures of more than 60 degrees Celsius can occur in the passenger cell. We have already measured that. It gets hotter and hotter as time goes on. It can be life-threatening after just ten minutes. The biggest risk is dehydration or heat stroke. When the temperatures are high in summer, I can only advise: Do not leave children or animals in the car. In such a case, can the window pane be legally smashed? Or are there any consequences? If there is imminent danger or if there is a risk to life and limb, you may damage the vehicle in order to gain access. For example to save a person. Experience has shown that there are no legal consequences here.
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