Heat wave: This is how your apartment stays cool even on hot days

heat wave
10 tips to keep your home nice and cool even in summer

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The temperatures are rising. With these tips, your apartment will still stay cool in summer – and you can sleep well even in the heat.

First we wish for summer – and when it finally arrives, we moan about the high temperatures. Especially when it’s hotter inside than outside. The following tips will help you to keep the apartment as cool as possible – even if the thermometer climbs to more than 30 degrees.

10 tips for a cool apartment in summer

1. Darken the apartment

So that your home does not become a sauna, you should darken the apartment during the day. To do this, lower the shutters or close the shutters. According to the German Energy Agency (dena), these can reduce solar radiation by up to 75 percent. If your house or apartment does not have shutters, opaque curtains, blinds and interior blinds have a comparable effect. selects e.g. B. a snap-on blind with a light, white or silver-colored exterior. This reflects the sun’s rays and keeps some of the heat out. If you want to install sun protection outside and live in rented accommodation, you should definitely talk to your landlord beforehand about what is allowed.

2. Ventilate properly

Ventilate early mornings or evenings in summer and at night when temperatures have dropped. Open the windows wide in several rooms and thus ventilate the apartment across instead of just tilting the windows. During the day you should refrain from airing, so as not to let unnecessarily hot air into the apartment.

3. TV off

TV, computers, lamps, power strips and other electronic devices should only be switched on when they are really needed, especially in summer. This is because electrical appliances generate heat, which also heats up the room. Nice side effect: You save electricity if you switch off unused devices – or don’t switch them on at all.

4. Damp sheets

If the apartment is really hot, damp sheets are a good way to use the fridge method: Simply hang a damp sheet in front of the open window – the room temperature drops as the water evaporates.

5. Natural sun protection

Trees and other plants serve as sun protection: in summer they provide shade, in winter they let the sun through. If you have trees next to the house, you can look forward to the shade they provide.

6. Lukewarm shower

Treat yourself to a lukewarm shower before bed. It refreshes and removes sweat. You should avoid cold showers. The body would turn on its internal heating to counteract this.

7. Fans

Although fans do not cool, they at least provide a draft on hot days. If you don’t like the simple variants, you will also find fans that not only make wind, but also look beautiful. Important: Never leave the fan running when you are not at home!

8. The right bedding

Cozy beaver bed linen in summer? D rather not! Get bed linen made of light materials that cool you down and won’t keep you from sleeping. Cotton Renforcé bed linen absorbs moisture well. Jersey is light and has a climate-regulating effect. Seersucker bed linen is also ideal for hot summer nights, because its structure allows air to circulate. Percale is a high quality cotton fabric that is breathable and cool against the skin. Bed linen made of cotton satin or silk has a temperature-regulating effect and can be used all year round.

9. Canned Refreshment

If you need a quick refreshment on the couch, you can use thermal water sprays (e.g. from Avène). They are also said to soothe sensitive skin. If thermal water sprays are not enough for you, you can stock up on a small supply of refreshing beauty products for the summer, e.g. B. foot sprays and wipes.

10. Drink a lot

Admittedly, drinking a lot is not the most innovative tip, but fluids are important, especially on hot days. Because in the summer heat, the body loses more fluid than usual through sweating. It is best to always have water and unsweetened teas ready and avoid sugary drinks, alcohol and coffee.


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