Heating in winter: the bedroom now has the perfect temperature

Perfect temperature
How to properly heat your bedroom in winter

This temperature creates the perfect conditions for a good night’s sleep!


Autumn is undoubtedly here: the falling temperatures make some people shiver at night and thus prevent an undisturbed sleep. But what is the best way to heat the bedroom so that you can wake up relaxed the next morning?

Some like it to be cozy and warm, others prefer a thick blanket and cooler temperatures in the bedroom. But what guarantees us a restful sleep?

Neither too cold nor too warm

Everyone knows the belief that you tend to sleep better in cool temperatures – but it mustn’t be too cold here either, otherwise you endanger your health. However, heating air can also quickly dry out the mucous membranes – so how do you best do it so that you get out of bed fresh and relaxed the next morning?


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