Heavenly ideas: These are BRIGITTE's favorite recipes of the week from March 1st to 7th

Heavenly ideas
These are BRIGITTE's favorite recipes of the week from March 1st to 7th

© Thomas Neckermann

Are you looking for food inspiration for the new week? We'll tell you our favorite recipes for your meal plan from March 1st to 7th. Whether pasta or salad, vegetarian or with meat – there is something for everyone!

The weekly bulk shopping is pending, but you are still undecided which dishes you want to prepare this week? No problem, with our meal plan you can easily plan your meals in advance – we have put together delicious recipes for your lunch or dinner.

Meal Planning: The weekly schedule from March 1st to 7th

Monday: pasta with bacon

Pasta with bacon

© Thomas Neckermann

At the beginning of the week we pamper ourselves with a Mediterranean pasta dish that is ready in just 30 minutes: the tagliatelle is accompanied by a tomato sauce with smoked bacon, black olives and roasted pine nuts – that saves Monday! About the recipe: pasta with bacon

Tuesday: sweet potato salad

Sweet potato salad

© Thomas Neckermann

On Tuesday we serve a light salad with sweet potatoes, spinach leaves and rocket. The sweet potatoes are fried together with red onions and then garnished with roasted sunflower seeds. A real vitamin booster for the lunch break! To the recipe: sweet potato salad

Wednesday: Potato and leek gratin

Potato and leek gratin

© Thomas Neckermann

It's hard to believe, but this hearty casserole will be on the table within half an hour! Leek is added to the potatoes, and cream and crème fraîche are poured over the vegetables. There is also pork tenderloin, which is also braising in the oven. The recipe: potato and leek gratin

Thursday: spelled rice salad with papaya

Spelled rice salad with papaya

© Thomas Neckermann

The vegan salad with spelled rice and papaya is perfect if you have to go quickly at lunchtime: while the rice is cooking, the fruit and vegetables can be prepared, and finally the salad is rounded off with a delicious dressing made from pomegranate and lime juice. To the recipe: spelled rice salad with papaya

Friday: Asian noodle pan with chicken

Asia noodle pan with chicken

© Thomas Neckermann

At the start of the weekend we go into Asian cuisine: glass noodles, chicken breast fillets and broccoli go into the pan, while ginger, garlic, fish sauce and coriander give the dish its Asian style. To the recipe: Asian noodle pan with chicken

Saturday: Green pancakes with sheep cheese

Green pancakes with sheep cheese

© Thomas Neckermann

Vegetarians will get their money's worth with this recipe – and the green pancakes are also an eye-catcher! The secret of their color is the parsley and chervil leaves that are stirred into the batter. The pancakes are topped with tomatoes, yoghurt and sheep cheese. About the recipe: Green pancakes with sheep cheese

Sunday: Lemon Meatloaf

Lemon meatloaf

© Thomas Neckermann

At the weekend we can finally take a little more time to cook – for example for this meatloaf, which is pepped up with quinoa, onions and lemon juice. A fruity coleslaw also tastes good. About the recipe: Lemon meatloaf