Heavily drunk – shoplifter rampaged in Krumpendorfer parking lot

Strange scenes took place on Monday afternoon in a supermarket parking lot in Krumpendorf. A shoplifter even hid under a car.

A police patrol noticed a dispute between two men in a parking lot on Monday afternoon. “The officers immediately went to the men to clarify the matter and separate the contractors,” the police said. One of the two men hid under a car after the police intervened. Officers pushed and unsuccessful attempt to escape After the visibly heavily intoxicated man got up off the ground, he pushed a police officer and tried to flee. “However, the officers were able to stop and calm him down in order to clarify the matter,” said the police. Stealing drinks from the supermarket As it turned out in the course of the investigation, the 30-year-old from Klagenfurt had previously stolen drinks from the supermarket. When he asked his later 44-year-old opponent at the parking lot to drive him to Klagenfurt, the situation escalated. Because the 44-year-old from the car did not comply with the 30-year-old’s request, he quickly poured the drinks into the car. The driver of the car then left the parking lot. A short time later, the 44-year-old, who was also drunk, returned and an argument broke out. Both men are reported to the public prosecutor’s office.
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