Heavy snowfall – Winter has Styria firmly under control

A snow hood for the Green Mark – on Thursday the Steirerland presents itself as deeply wintry. Numerous accidents cause traffic obstructions. The precipitation only subsides in the course of the day. The best conditions prevail on the ski mountains – and you are cautiously optimistic about the season.

Many Styrians already sweat when looking out the window on Thursday morning – but that is not due to the temperatures, which barely break the zero degree limit during the day. Rather, overnight a low coming from the southwest and with a lot of snow in the luggage has spread over the country, so shoveling snow is once again the order of the day. Accidents cause traffic obstructions and the emergency services have also been challenged since the early morning. Stefan volunteer fire brigade in Rosental had to move out to the L203 on Sonnenberg at around 4:30 a.m. Due to the heavy snowfall and a slippery road surface, vehicles could no longer conquer the steep slopes. As a result, several vehicles got stuck one behind the other. Most of these vehicles were cars that had to be stopped by other road users. There are now reports from countless other federal highways on which there have been accidents and therefore delays. There are also considerable traffic jams on the autobahns. Several accidents on the A2 and A9 On the A2 towards Graz, for example, there was an accident with a truck near Gleisdorf-West. The section of the route was closed and many kilometers were jammed. The lock has now been lifted and the traffic jam is only slowly clearing up. There were also accidents on the A2 at Lassnitzhöhe and between Friedberg and Pinggau. It also jams between Lieboch and Mooskirchen and near Bad Waltersdorf. On the A9, it jams in front of the Gleinalmtunner near St. Michael because several vehicles got stuck. And there are currently also obstacles in the direction of the playing field: The Vogau-Straß exit is blocked by trucks that have got stuck. It is possible to evade via the Leibnitz or Gersdorf exits. Delays when entering Graz There are also delays for commuters to Graz on almost all entry roads: Currently these are a good 20 minutes Most of the work has to be stopped again – Friday should be largely sunny, and the outlook for the weekend also makes the Styrian cable carers optimistic. “The forecasts for the weekend are great and the conditions are wonderful – we have a meter of snow, it has not been like this at the beginning of the season for many years,” said Bernhard Michelitsch from the Tauplitz. His assessment after yesterday’s first day of skiing of the season is consistently positive: “The people were very satisfied. The 2-G checks went smoothly – compared to the previous year it was definitely a strong day of skiing. Michelitsch: “Our sales have slumped by 75 to 80 percent. Now, of course, we hope that the Corona numbers don’t shoot up again. ”3200 day guests at the Stuhleck For the first time this season, the lifts also started operating on the Stuhleck yesterday. With around 3,200 day visitors, there was also brisk ski traffic in the Styrian-Lower Austrian border region. “Basically everything worked well,” said managing director Fabrice Girardoni. “The controls went really smoothly via the GreenCheck app – you only needed a little patience in the cash desk area, but there were no waiting times at the lifts.” Three out of four chairlifts are already in operation – from the weekend all lifts will run except for the Sonnenlift . “We really have a winter wonderland right now,” smiles Girardoni.
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