Hebdo Crypto #262 – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of the week

The week of 10/16 in brief. The news concerning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly in flux. It can happen that vital information gets lost in the daily flow of information and that you miss important points. This format is here to remedy that. We return to the news from last week inWeekly Crypto in order to keep you informed on the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

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The unmissable local

THE trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the defunct FTX exchange platform, is at the heart of crypto news. This week was notably punctuated by damning new testimonies for the former CEO of FTX.

Crypto news: trial of Sam Bankman-Fried

Le Journal du Coin continues to follow the case closely and has put together a full summary of this second week of hearing from October 16 to 20.

🔴 LIVE – Follow the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of FTX

Crypto news in brief

Fake News: no the SEC did not accept the IShares Bitcoin ETF. This false news was shared by CoinTelegraph leading to significant movements on Bitcoin.

▶ Faced with regulatory pressure, Binance is no longer accepting new customers in the UK. Now, the platform is looking for a new partner to manage its commercial promotion.

The European Union intends to enforce the MiCa law to the letter. Therefore, companies that do not comply with these directives will be asked to leave the EU.

France legislates on NFTs. Thus, a bill was adopted aimed at regulating JONUM, games with monetizable digital objects.

Reddit abandons its MOON and BRICK tokens. The community platform is reversing its Web3 shift, facing a regulatory environment deemed hostile.

Crypto staking soon to be taxed in France? This is what proposes an amendment, which could lead to double taxation, upon receipt of staking rewards and then during their conversion.

SEC Drops Lawsuit Against Ripple. Thus, the American entity announced that it was withdrawing its proceedings against the Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouseas well as its executive president, Chris Larsen.

▶ Continuation and end of our series of videos looking back on the history of Ross Ulbrichtthe founder of Silk Road the famous Darknet platform.

The 4 metrics of the week

$150 millionit’s the amount deposited in staking by FTX buyers. Thus, they deposited 5.5 million SOL and 24,000 ETH.

9 billion dollarsit’s about the amount that could be reimbursed to FT usersX in 2024. However, this reimbursement will be made on the basis of the “distributable value”.

FTX Refund ExampleFTX Refund Example

0.15%Those are the fees that have been added by Uniswap on many assets. In practice, this only concerns swaps carried out from the interface developed by Uniswap Labs.

Fees on UniswapFees on Uniswap

7 million dollarsit’s about amount stolen from a member of the Fantom Foundation. Thus, several wallets linked to the foundation were siphoned off.

Fantom press release following the hackFantom press release following the hack

Have a good week on the Journal du Coin! 🙂

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