Heide Keller: Photographer tells how much she suffered in recent years

Heath cellar
Dream ship photographer tells how much the actress had to suffer in recent years

The longtime dream ship actress died after a long, serious illness.


The dream ship actress Heide Keller is dead. Her former photographer tells what the actress revealed to him about her state of health.

Traumschiff regular photographer Peter Bischoff remembers the late Traumschiff actress Heide Keller with warm words in the RTL interview. In their conversations, the two also talked about their illness, but the photographer had to promise the actress something in this context.

Peter Bischoff: That’s why she had to leave the “dream ship”

Heide Keller and Peter Bischoff agreed to have a photo shoot together, but that never happened. The 81-year-old died on August 27, 2021 after a long, serious illness. In the interview, the 77-year-old photographer speaks about the well-known actress and tells what he sees as the reason for her dream ship exit in 2017.

Source: RTL