Heidi Klum: European Championship kick-off with Tom – Heidi lets Hans and Franz cheer

Heidi Klum
Airy outfit can’t distract Tom from the game

Heidi Klum celebrates the EM in a particularly summery look


Heidi Klum is celebrating the first European Championship game with her family – and shows herself in a very special fan outfit.

Heidi Klum has often shown on Instagram that her husband Tom is a big football fan. Together they regularly cheer for the soccer team of FC Bayern Munich, so it’s no wonder that the two of them enjoyed the first German European Championship game as a small soccer party event at home.

Heidi Klum: fan support with a tight outfit

The game starts with an own goal for Germany, and while Tom is only fixated on the TV, Heidi puts herself in the limelight and tries to distract him a little with her tight outfit. Could this use distract from the EM disappointment? You can see more in the video!

Source used: Instagram.com