Heidi Klum: Not Tom! What really makes Heidi Klum happy

Heidi Klum
Heidi’s passion for green

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It is pink-violet and exudes a wonderfully intense scent, especially on sunny, warm days: the miniature rose “Heidi Klum”, which she personally named in 2005, blooms from June to October. Did the jury that named the flowerbed after our German top model know how much the famous namesake also likes to spend time in green spaces?

The patch of earth that lies behind Heidi Klum’s huge Bel Air estate is her personal paradise. There is no place she prefers to be – except for her bed. Heidi’s sprawling garden is her favorite living room, located on a large hill, with a breathtaking view of Los Angeles and at the same time completely shielded from the outside world.

Heidi Klum: Her garden is her favorite place

It’s practical that you can actually be outside all year round in sunny California. Whenever Heidi has free time and isn’t jetting around the world, you can find her here. Then she bakes pizza for her husband Tom Kaulitz, 34, jumps into the pool or on the trampoline with the children, swings the dumbbells on the terrace or simply chills on the lounger in her thong.

She wants to spend her 51st birthday quite unspectacularly

The mother of four is also celebrating her birthday on June 1st in her favorite place. “This year I want to spend the day with Tom, all my children and the dogs in the garden, swimming, sunbathing, grilling sausages and laughing a lot. That’s the perfect way to spend my 51st!”, Heidi tells “Spot On News” on the occasion of her new “L’Oréal” campaign.

Heidi has always been an open-air child. Whether with her mother Erna, now 80, and her father Günther, 78, on the nudist beach, on camping holidays or in the garden of her parents’ house in Bergisch Gladbach, nature has always played a central role in her everyday life and has also shaped her character. “Here I find the peace that I need as a counterbalance to my stressful life,” says Heidi today.

Relaxing, being in the here and now and recharging your batteries is particularly easy when she digs in her raised vegetable beds. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that spending time in green spaces is good for the body and soul and has a special effect on our brains: nature relaxes and reduces stress. Digging in the earth with your hands has a meditative character. Soothing natural sounds lower blood pressure and relieve pain. Heidi has especially learned to appreciate growing pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers during the pandemic. “It’s so great to cook what you’ve harvested yourself,” she says.

Heidi Klum: “Because then my head is totally free”

Together with Tom and her children Leni, 20, Henry, 18, Johan, 17, and Lou, 14, Heidi enjoys sitting outside at a large table, eating home-cooked food and talking about everything under the sun. The entrepreneur always gets her best ideas in the fresh air. “Because then my head is completely clear,” she says.

But the model also likes to make big decisions in the open air. In 2012, she revealed her plan to separate from her then-husband Seal to her mother while the two were sitting comfortably on the lawn chatting. She said “I do” to her Tom on a boat off Capri and for their first wedding anniversary, he set up a tent in the garden for his wife that was decorated with roses – and in which they then slept and could look at the stars over Hollywood at night.

“Sometimes the days seem to come and go faster than others, but the ultimate reward is being grateful for each day we get to experience – and hopefully looking back on a long life well lived.”

Heidi’s children also love the garden as a backdrop for cool parties. Lou celebrated her 14th birthday here with all her friends in 2023: trampoline jumping, ball games, swimming and cupcake eating contests, everything was decorated with fairy lights – better than any amusement park!

“I feel most beautiful when I’m at my happiest. That’s when I’m well rested, my email inbox is empty and I’ve done all my tasks,” Heidi explains her beauty secret. Then it’s time to get outside and enjoy yourself! She takes a relaxed approach to getting older: “Sometimes the days seem to come and go faster than others, but the ultimate reward is being grateful for every day we get to experience – and hopefully looking back on a long life well lived.”
She’ll be toasting to that next week on her 51st birthday. In the open air, with her feet in the grass and a big smile on her face.


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