Heidi Klum on “GNTM” castings: She chose too many “great men”.

Heidi Klum about “GNTM” castings
She picked too many “great men.”

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Heidi Klum (50) gave an update on the castings for the 19th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” in an Instagram video. “Today is the third day we’re filming ‘Top Model,'” she says in the clip from Tuesday (October 3rd). “I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the many great people who came to the casting yesterday and the day before yesterday. I chose far too many men,” reveals Klum with a laugh and lifts a stack of papers into the camera, which apparently contains information about them potential model candidates are collected.

“With mom in tow”

“I think I still have to sort some out,” the 50-year-old explains sadly and adds enthusiastically: “I was just too euphoric and they all just looked so great.” But she couldn’t start with that many. “The men were great, right, did you like them too?” Klum finally asks her mother in the car, who accompanies her on the third day of filming, as the description of the clip “With mom in tow” reveals. “They’re too young for me,” jokes the presenter’s mother. Another short clip shows the duo beaming on the way to the set.

This time, everyone aged 18 and over was allowed to apply for the model casting show. This means that in spring 2024 men will also have the chance to win the title of “Germany’s next top model” for the first time. The change was announced in July 2023, when the application round started.

The “GNTM” filming for the new season started on Sunday in Berlin. Heidi Klum also celebrated the starting signal for the open castings on Instagram. Dressed in a royal blue glitter outfit, she announced in a video including director’s clapperboard: “‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ the 19th season – let’s go!”

The new episodes of “Germany’s Next Top Model” will be broadcast as usual in spring 2024.


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