Heidi Klum: Scary foretaste of her Halloween costume

Heidi Klum
Scary foretaste of her Halloween costume

Heidi Klum performing in Los Angeles.

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Your famous party is canceled. But Heidi Klum does not do without Halloween. In a clip she gave a foretaste.

Heidi Klum (48) is famous for her fancy Halloween costumes. This year, too, she seems to have come up with something special. She posted a short video on Instagram in the style of a horror flick. It shows her in jeans and a light top, standing in a room with a large window, twitching wildly with disheveled hair.

“The exorcist” sends his regards? Her face furrowed with wrinkles, her tongue stuck out, plus the loud screams in the clip – is Heidi Klum possessed by a demon here? Their fans have to wait a little longer for the riddle to be solved. “Can you guess what # HeidiHalloween2021 will be ???”, asks Klum about the video on Instagram.

At the beginning of October, Heidi Klum presented herself in horror fever. On Instagram she published a video there, which announced a scary shoot. In the short clip, Klum walks in a torn dress towards a building that looks like a ghost castle in an amusement park. A coffin is built inside, into which she is apparently supposed to climb. Then she screams at the camera.

“Too early”: Heidi Klum cancels Halloween party

Klum had already canceled her famous Halloween party in the summer. “With everything that is happening in the world right now, it still feels too early for me to be comfortable at a party,” she said in July, referring to the pandemic. The celebration was canceled in 2020.

For several years now, Klums Halloween has been one of the most popular parties with the stars at the end of October. The model always dresses up with great effort, most recently in 2019 as an alien monster and in 2018 as Fiona from “Shrek”. In 2020 she celebrated with husband Tom Kaulitz (32) and the children at home. At that time she made a short film in which she appeared, among other things, as a mummy.


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