Heidi Klum: She celebrates her daughter Leni's new model job

Heidi Klum
She is celebrating her daughter Leni's new modeling job

Heidi Klum: Your daughter Leni is following in her footsteps.

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Leni Klum celebrates its premiere at the Berlin Fashion Week. Mama Heidi Klum is happy about the great success of her 16-year-old daughter.

Despite the corona crisis, the Berlin Fashion Week takes place, among other things fashion shows are shown online. One who is there at the start is the young model Leni Klum (16). Her famous mother Heidi Klum (47) writes in an Instagram story: "Guess who starts Berlin Fashion Week …" and presents a picture of her daughter. The 16-year-old also shares photos on Instagram.

"My first job" for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Leni Klum explains about two pictures with different outfits. On the first, she wears a knee-length black coat and hat. The second snapshot shows her in a pink coat with matching stockings and open shoes. The "derberlinersalon" account also shows the video for her appearance, which Heidi Klum commented with a "LOVE". The Berliner Salon, a funding initiative for young fashion talents, is headed by the former editor-in-chief of the German "Vogue", Christiane Arp. 35 German designers present their designs in a virtual tour.

In the spotlight since December

Leni Klum previously completed the first shoot and thus her first real step in public with her mother. The duo posed for a cover shoot for the German edition of the fashion magazine "Vogue" at the end of 2020. Heidi Klum says it is "a bit difficult" to let her daughter go. "I think it will take a while before I manage to stop holding my protective hand over Leni," she said in the "Vogue" interview. After all, she will "do everything forever to make you happy and your dreams come true".