Heidi Klum: She posts revealing vacation pictures

Heidi Klum
She posts revealing vacation pictures

Heidi Klum is proud of her body.

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Heidi Klum has published revealing beach pictures on Instagram. Husband Tom Kaulitz is responsible for the atmospheric photos.

Heidi Klum (48) has published a whole series of photos on Instagram in which she poses topless in a paradisiacal setting. In one first posting the mother of four can be seen with her back to the camera and only wearing bikini bottoms.

In one second post Klum published a series of pictures showing the model in a sunset mood on the beach. Here, too, the 48-year-old did without a bikini top. She alternately covered her breasts with hands, arms or selected a suitable image section. Klum let her loose hair fall over her shoulder or skilfully tossed it backwards.

Klum immediately noticed that the photos really do remind of a professional shoot. In the second post she turned to fashion photographer Rankin (55) and wrote: “I think my husband would like your job.” The model actually named Tom Kaulitz (31) as the photographer of the beach pictures. The couple has been married since 2019. The two tied the knot on August 3, 2019 on Capri.

Romantic holiday greetings

The couple had reported from vacation about a week ago. On a snapshot they showed themselves kissing on the beach, before the setting sun they formed a heart with their hands. Klum also did without a bikini top here.

Before that, she caused a stir with another snapshot: On the occasion of the first European Championship game of the German national team against France, Klum posed in tight bikini bottoms and a cut-off DFB jersey that revealed the lower part of her breasts.