Heidi Klum: Tom Kaulitz argues in the podcast because of her age

Podcast by Bill + Tom Kaulitz
Dispute about Heidi Klum’s age

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

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Heidi Klum will be 50 next year. One person who should know that quite well is her husband Tom Kaulitz. But his interlocutor Olli Schulz has a different opinion.

With Tom Kaulitz, 32, Heidi Klum, 48, seems happier than ever. In 2019, the two said yes and still turtle like two teenagers in love. Heidi and Tom are 16 years apart, but age doesn’t matter in their relationship. In fact. Because in his podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”, which the “Tokio Hotel” star runs together with his brother Bill, 32, Heidi Klum’s 50th birthday, of all things, has now been made a topic.

Confusion about Heidi Klum’s 50th birthday

Guests were Olli Schulz, 48, and Jan Böhmermann, 41. Both are known for not mincing their words. Now Tom Kaulitz got rid of his fat. Before the entertainers said goodbye to the Kaulitz brothers, Olli asked Tom to say hello to Heidi. “We are a vintage,” Olli let him know. However, this sparked a small discussion. Surprised, Bill asked Olli whether he would also be celebrating his 50th birthday next year. He reacted visibly irritated: “No, the year after next, I was born in ’73, Heidi too, I think.” “Heidi will be 50 next year,” emphasized Tom. But Olli Schulz stuck to his opinion and teased: “Nonsense, you don’t know Heidi’s date of birth. I know that as a layman.”

Tom Kaulitz has to enlighten Olli Schulz

“Heidi will be 49 this June and next year she will be 50,” emphasized Heidi’s husband again. Then Olli Schulz finally gave in. The singer-songwriter had forgotten that he and Heidi did not have a birthday in 2022: Olli will also be celebrating his 50th birthday next year – on October 15th.

Source used: “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”


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