Heidi Klum + Tom Kaulitz: Spicy detail about their sex life

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are pretty hot on each other even after three years of relationship. Now Olivia Jones shared a pretty piquant detail about the sex life of the two.

Well that Heidi Klum, 47, and Tom Kaulitz, 31, spend a lot of time together in bed and are very open-hearted when it comes to eroticism, is no longer a secret. Heidi in particular has been offering her followers slippery insights into her private life since the relationship and wedding with the “Tokio Hotel” guitarist. Whether hot nude photos, only covered with a little fabric, or cuddling moments under the covers, Heidi takes her fans into the bedroom thanks to the cell phone.

And for those who want to know more, celebrity colleague Olivia Jones, 51, has an answer. The entertainer now reveals how often Heidi and Tom are really drawn into the sheets – although, actually, Heidi Klum revealed it herself.

Olivia Jones unpacks about Heidi’s and Tom’s sex life

In her new book “Ungeschminkt: Mein schrilles double life”, Olivia describes a situation in which the model unpacked a rather intimate detail. The two of them chatted casually behind the scenes of the TV show “Queen of Drags” when Olivia asked Heidi how often she did sport, but her reaction was astounding:

“She asked, ‘Does sex count too?’ I nodded. ‘Then daily!’ “. This answer was exactly to Olivia’s taste: “There are really enough prudish celebrities,” she says.

Tom is exactly the right man for Heidi

Olivia made it clear in an interview with GALA in an interview with GALA in 2019 that Tom is exactly the right man for Heidi: “It’s absolutely amazing how in love Heidi and Tom are. Such a love is winning the lottery. […] Heidi lives in the fast lane, I’ve seen that again in Los Angeles. She just needs a man who can keep up. An older man by Heidi’s side would quickly go limp. ”

And when it comes to intimacy, Heidi has found a man who can definitely keep up …

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