Height-adjustable table: back-friendly models at a glance

Height adjustable table
These desks are easy on your back

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Would you like to buy a height-adjustable table? Very good idea! We will show you which models are worthwhile and what you should consider when setting them up.

Anyone who works a lot at a desk and adopts the wrong posture will sooner or later be plagued by back pain. To avoid this, you should set up your workplace as ergonomically as possible. Height-adjustable tables, at which you can work alternately sitting or standing, are also useful here. We have selected the best models for you and give you tips on how to adjust the height correctly.

Height-adjustable table: these are the advantages

A height-adjustable desk has many health benefits. First of all, it can be adjusted to your individual height so that you can work optimally. The height-adjustable desk also gives you the option of working while standing. This way you can relieve your spine and prevent back pain. In addition, your circulation gets going when you are stationary, you are more alert and react faster and can increase your ability to concentrate.

Our tip: After the lunch break, lower your desk to a standing height to avoid the midday slump.

Height-adjustable desk: Set the right height

  • When sitting you should make sure that your upper and lower arms form a 90-degree angle when you place your hands on the tabletop. The shoulders are relaxed and the arms loose. Your thighs and lower legs should also form a 90-degree angle. The feet should touch the floor with their entire surface. While desks with a fixed height are usually 72 cm high, height-adjustable desks usually have a range of 66 to 75 cm.
  • in the booth the angle between upper and lower arms should also be 90 degrees. The forearm is horizontal on the table top and the shoulders and arms are relaxed. Stand at your desk or standing desk with a straight back and upright posture and make sure that you put weight on both soles of your feet evenly.

Tip: Just sitting or just standing is unfavorable. Instead, you should switch between the different positions to do something good for your back.

Which height-adjustable desk is the best?

Which desk is best for you depends entirely on your individual use and taste. A good height-adjustable table should have a memory function so that you can easily switch between sitting and standing positions. Think in advance which devices you want to place on the table and consider how much weight the table can support. In the following we present our three favorites, which score with memory function, high-quality material, good user ratings and an appealing look.

“Desktopopia Pro” by Ergotopia

The electric height adjustable Desktopia Pro desk has an LED display that shows you the exact height. You can even save the desired height and call it up again at the push of a button. This is particularly useful if you frequently switch between sitting and standing. The motors move the desktop including the monitor and the like up and down surprisingly quietly and can lift up to 80 kilos. The table is available in different sizes and different designs. You can choose between grey, white and black for the frame. There is a wide range of tabletop colors and high-quality types of wood to choose from.

Height: 62.3 – 127 cm
Load capacity: 80kg
Frame color: Grey, white, black
Plate colors: Grey, white, black, maple, beech, walnut, real bamboo, real oak
Memory function: Yes
Amazon Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars

“Desk Pro II” by Yaasa

At the electric Desk Pro II the control panel is integrated directly into the table top. This also has a memory function so that individual heights can be saved and retrieved. Booting up is quiet and quick. Thanks to its minimalist design, elegant surfaces and rounded corners, this height-adjustable desk is a stylish eye-catcher in your home office and is available in different colours.

Height: 62-128cm
Load capacity: 80kg
Frame color: White black
Plate colors: Truffle Oak, Light Acacia, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White
Memory function: Yes
Amazon Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“EMX-121WW” by Esmart

The height-adjustable desk from Esmart EMX-121WWcan be adjusted to a height between 72 and 121 cm. A memory function saves your favorite height. A child lock protects the keypad from unwanted inputs. Thanks to practical USB ports, you can charge your devices right at your desk.

Height: 72 – 121 cm
Load capacity: 50kg
Frame color: White black
Plate colors: Glass white, glass black, maple decor
Memory function: Yes
Amazon Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars

Where should I put the desk?

In order to create a pleasant and healthy working atmosphere, you should follow a few rules. Here we have put together a few tips for you:

  • Place the desk not with your back to the windowotherwise you will see glare and reflections on the screen that can quickly tire your eyes and even cause headaches.
  • You should too if possible Avoid placing your desk in front of a windowsince incoming light dazzles the eyes.
  • Ideally, you place the desk in the 90 degree angle to the window. This way daylight comes in without disturbing you.
  • According to feng shui, you should not with your back to the door sitting, but in such a way that you can see the room and the people entering. This ensures more peace and quiet at work.

Who pays for a height-adjustable desk?

In some cases, they subsidize health insurance companies a height-adjustable desk with up to 1,200 euros. For example, if you suffer from vertebral damage, joint pain, rheumatism, spinal curvature or spinal stiffness, your orthopedist can issue you with a certificate for a height-adjustable desk. The application will then be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Otherwise, you can also use a height-adjustable desk deduct from the tax. The prerequisite for this is that you use it more than 90% professionally. If the desk costs less than 800 euros net, you can claim it in the year of purchase. If it is more expensive, you can write off the amount over several years.

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