Heiner Lauterbach: He congratulates his “dream woman” on her 20th wedding anniversary

Heiner Lauterbach
He congratulates his “dream woman” on her 20th wedding anniversary

In 2001 Heiner Lauterbach married his “dream woman” Viktoria.

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Actor Heiner Lauterbach has dedicated loving lines to his wife Viktoria for the 20th wedding anniversary.

Heiner Lauterbach (68) looked back on a special event on Instagram. “Our wedding waltz 20 years ago. As if it had been yesterday. So the time has passed with my dream woman by the side,” wrote the actor on Tuesday (September 7th) in a post. He also published a wedding picture that shows him and Viktoria Lauterbach (49) on the dance floor. His wife commented on the photo with “I love you” and also judged on the occasion of the 20th wedding anniversary in an Instagram post loving lines to her husband.

Viktoria Lauterbach: “Let’s tackle the next few years together”

Regarding a number of pictures, including photos from the wedding and a more recent kiss photo of the couple, Lauterbach wrote: “I say thank you, for a long time full of love, closeness and tenderness. For crises that we have overcome together, for funny moments in that we laughed together. ” Furthermore, she would like to thank “for serious discussions, for raising two wonderful children together. For so many vacations together, for car trips, hikes, cinema and theater visits and for the reconciliations after one or the other quarrel. For insights and opinions and for mutual trust. Let’s tackle the next few years together. ” Heiner Lauterbach left little heart emojis under the lovely post.

Heiner and Viktoria Lauterbach have been married since 2001 and have two children, daughter Maya (19) and son Vito (14). Lauterbach also has a son Oscar from his first marriage (1985-2001) to actress Katja Flint (61); the couple had split up in 1991.