“Heiress” wanted – Flachgauerin fell for fraudsters twice

A woman from Flachgau was tricked by fraudsters twice and lost a four-figure sum of money each time. The defrauders were looking for an “heiress”.

The lady was contacted via social media last summer by an unknown person who was allegedly looking for an heiress for her fortune of 250,000 euros. The woman from Flachgau then transferred 8,600 euros to various accounts in Spain, Belgium, France and Lithuania. However, after the “testator’s” death, she received no money. In October the whole thing happened again. The woman was contacted again about an alleged inheritance (this time it was 380,000 euros) and again she transferred money (5000 euros) to an unknown account. Again she waited in vain for the “inheritance”, so on February 20th she filed a police report.
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