Helene Fischer: “Breathless” rap with Shirin David divides her fan base

At the end of November 2019, Helene Fischer’s (39) “Atemlos durch die Nacht” conquered the German charts overnight and stayed there for a solid 117 weeks. To this day, the song is considered their biggest hit and is a staple not only for pop fans. To properly celebrate the anniversary, the pop queen decided to give the song a completely new look. Since last night, the “10 Year Anniversary Version” of “Atemlos”, created in cooperation with star rapper Shirin David (28), has been released. now finally heard.

Remake of “Breathless” leaves many fans speechless

The newly released remake is likely to leave many Helene Fischer fans not only breathless, but also speechless. Because the differences to the well-known original are quite serious and take some getting used to. In addition to the hip-hop beats that underpin the song, Shirin David’s newly added rap passages in particular pose a taste challenge. They say, for example, “It’s getting hot / Look at my entourage / Every one of them glitters like a diamond / Who we love is nobody’s business, yes / There is no shaming, no comparisons, no competition / If you call me a diva, that’s a compliment”.

As the Reactions on Helene Fischer’s Instagram page show, she caused mixed feelings with the rap experiment, at least among her die-hard fans. There, her followers expressed themselves with comments like “Absolute fail for me. Phew… ruins what is actually a great song…” or “Helene, I have loved you and your music for so many years, but here: no, just no!” . Nevertheless, in addition to words of disappointment, there are also numerous hearts and congratulations on the publication.

Helene Fischer and Shirin David on “Wetten, dass?”

Tomorrow, Saturday evening (November 25th), the irritated fans will have the opportunity to get a closer look at Helene Fischer’s cooperation with Shirin David – and possibly change their minds. In Thomas Gottschalk’s last edition of “Wetten, dass…?” (ZDF, 8:15 p.m.) the two bring their version of “Atemlos durch die Nacht” on stage together for the first time.


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