Helene Fischer in “Small against Big”: viewers annoyed by appearance

Helene Fischer on “Small versus Large”
Pop queen loses – and viewers are annoyed

Helene Fischer in “Small versus Big – The Unbelievable Duel”.

© NDR / Thorsten Jander

In the big ARD family show “Small against Big”, young challengers compete against celebrities in duels. On Saturday evening Helene Fischer was also there, which left some viewers annoyed inside.

Who can correctly recognize more songs by Helene Fischer, 37, after one second? The hit queen and ten-year-old Giulia faced this task on November 20, 2021 in the ARD Saturday evening show “Small versus large – the unbelievable duel”. There was only one problem: viewers vented their anger on Twitter.

Helene Fischer: “I’m totally crazy about that”

“I know all the Helene Fischer songs by heart, can only identify each title by means of a single second, and I’m better at it than the interpreter herself,” said the young superfan, who has twice been on stage at Fischer’s concerts, in front of the Shipment safe. And when her big moment came, Giulia was also right. While the young challenger always quickly recognized the right songs, Fischer actually had several minor problems.

Helene Fischer in the ARD broadcast "Small against big - the unbelievable duel" with Kai Pflaume (left) and her little fan Giulia (center).

Helene Fischer in the ARD program “Small versus Big – The Unbelievable Duel” with Kai Pflaume (left) and her little fan Giulia (center).

© NDR / Thorsten Jander

Her older songs in particular are a “great challenge” with around 125 songs and Fischer also has “great respect” for the task ahead. Accordingly, she was able to recognize some pieces very quickly, but then had to ponder on others. At “Phenomenon” she got big eyes. “What was that about?” Asked Fischer himself and wanted to hear the second segment one more time. “I’m really crazy about that,” she admitted, but then typed correctly. At first she wasn’t sure about “Mitten im Paradies” either. “I really don’t know at the moment,” she had to admit to “Our day” and was wrong with her tip “You catch me and let me fly”.

Big surprise for fan Giulia

At the age of ten, she herself often stayed in her room and, among other things, either sang, acted or recorded cassettes with dubbing, Fischer also explained on the show. Fortunately, today’s success “didn’t come overnight” and she was able to “grow into it very slowly”. A musical dream has not yet come true for her. She would love to sing with Ed Sheeran, 30, or Michael Bublé, 46. A “personal highlight” would be a duet with Celine Dion, 53.

In addition, Fischer got her fans in the mood for her planned mega concert in Munich next summer. She not only performed two songs, but also declared that the “brilliant and spectacular show” should then “top everything”. The star had a very special surprise for his challenger: she invited Giulia and her whole family to the upcoming event.

Audience annoyed by Helene Fischer’s “overdose”

It all sounds wonderfully harmonious, but some viewers: Helene’s appearance inside was angry. In the social media, numerous annoyed users formed under the hashtag “KleingegenGross”: inside, who vented their anger in the comments. Some criticized Helene Fischer’s over-presence, like this user: “Can #Helene Fischer not just being pregnant and sitting down in front of the television grinning at home instead of being pushed through all channels and formats by your PR department on ‘hell come out’? “

Another viewer found that the game show was turned into a “great Helene Fischer show”: “Helene Fischer talks about Helene Fischer for twenty minutes before the duel is about Helene Fischer’s songs and then Helene Fischer sings a song. actually “small versus big” was announced and not “the big Helene Fischer show”. I’m out “.

Several others also celebrated Helene’s appearance and were happy about the appearance of the Schlagerqueen. You just can’t please everyone.

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