Helene Fischer: In the live stream, she conceals her baby bump

Helene Fischer
Live stream: She hides her baby bump in an oversize sweater

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Helene Fischer is expecting her first child, but apparently she does not want to share a look at her baby bump with her fans yet. In the live stream that she is holding today on the occasion of her new album “Rausch”, she conceals her growing baby bump.

“Everything is just the way you want it to be,” says Helene Fischer, 37, at the beginning of the live stream that she is holding on her YouTube channel on the occasion of her new album “Rausch”. And that she is doing more than well at the moment, that can be seen in Helene. The Schlager Queen shines all over her face, looks relaxed and relaxed. Although the news of her first pregnancy has already made the rounds, she doesn’t seem to want to share the obvious signs of her circumstances just yet.

Helene Fischer conceals the baby bump

A few days ago it became public that Helene Fischer is pregnant. Shortly afterwards, the singer confirmed her other circumstances in an Instagram post. As happy as she is about it, she doesn’t want to draw attention to it. After all, she is mainly a singer, has a new album that is her priority, says the 37-year-old very clearly – and shows it too. She should have chosen her outfit accordingly.

Helene Fischer in the live stream

Helene Fischer in the live stream

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In a short, loosely falling skirt, overknees and oversize sweater, Helene presenter Janin Ullmann, 39, sits opposite. The outfit not only hides the baby bump perfectly, but presumably also deliberately. Hardly anything can be seen under the loose top, a baby bump can only be guessed at. It should have grown a lot by now. The “breathless” singer is seven months pregnant. But Helene does not want to focus on her new curves, nor does she seem to want to talk about what is currently on her private life. She does that in her new songs, says Helene. “I reflected what was going on inside of me,” she says of her new album and adds over the past few months: “It was a rollercoaster of emotions.”

Helene Fischer

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Helene moved to tears

Instead of their pregnancy, Janin and Helene talk about the music of the superstar. Even in the first moments of the live stream it gets emotional: greetings from fans are faded in, longtime companions of the artist have their say, for example Robbie Williams sends greetings and congratulations on the new album. Helene Fischer is visibly touched and has to fight back tears. Old and new songs are played, there is a lot of talk about the new album “Rausch”, which will be released on Friday (October 15, 2021). The live talk is professional, Helene does not want to go into private matters – her new baby, the album, is far too important to her.

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