Helene Fischer: private like never before! This is what viewers can expect in the new Sat.1 show

“Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy”
This is what the audience expects

Helene Fischer on the “Ein Abend im Rausch” stage.

© Universal / SAT.1 / Sandra Ludewig

On Friday evening (November 12, 2021) Helene Fischer can be seen with a concert on TV. What does “Helene Fischer – An Intoxicated Evening” have to offer?

Helene Fischer, 37, is currently successfully in the charts with her new album. The pop star is celebrating this with a special TV show: “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush” will be broadcast on Sat.1 on November 12th at 8:15 pm. ProSieben will broadcast the program directly after “The Voice of Germany” on November 18th. What can the audience expect: inside?

Stefan Raab contributed to Helene Fischer’s songs

The pop singer will perform the songs from her new album “Rausch” in the intimate atmosphere of a theater. The show, which was recorded without an audience and premiered on November 10th at the Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin, comes with a surprise: Stefan Raab, 55, provides the right sound. The TV producer who co-produced the show with Raab TV developed the live performance of the songs together with Fischer as music supervisor. The pop star then presents the songs on stage with a live band.

A special task for Steven Gätjen

“For the show, Stefan Raab and Helene Fischer developed special live versions that show the many facets of Helene Fischer. Their ideas and creativity promise a particularly lavish evening in any case,” explains broadcaster director Daniel Rosemann in a statement. “Helene Fischer and Stefan Raab locked themselves in with the band for several days and worked on the songs. Everyone who knows Stefan knows what kind of passion, but also with a multitude of ideas, he approaches such a project,” explains Moderator Steven Gätjen, 49, who will take on a special task that evening: he will ask the musician about her album and the meaning of the individual songs in an interview.

During the conversation he wanted to create a “relaxed, cozy and above all friendly atmosphere”. “When you feel good, then you open up and then you talk more freely, more relaxed and certainly more openly. And we succeeded.” The moderator was particularly impressed by the performance of the song “Luftballon” at the intimate concert. “It’s basically about the fact that each of us has lost a very special, important person and how to deal with it. If she had sung a little longer, I would have howled. It was really emotional.”


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