Helene Fischer: Singer is working on a "secret project"


Helene Fischer
The styling for the "secret project" is already in place

Helene Fischer

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Helene Fischer is preparing for a "secret project". Her stylist revealed this with a photo taken together. What is it about?

Star stylist Serena Goldenbaum announces a "secret project" with superstar Helene Fischer, 36. She posted a selfie of herself and the star in the same look on her Instagram account.

She commented tellingly: "TWINNING (twins) with Helene Fischer – ooops, we both had jeans on today and almost the same hairstyle – was it coincidence? Or maybe too intensive preparation for our job? I don't know. .. (I don't know) Thanks for the nice day, "writes Goldenbaum. She also adds the hashtag #secretproject (German secret project) to the curious post.

Helene Fischer has withdrawn from the public at the beginning of 2019 and has since enjoyed her time off with a few interruptions. Among other things, she made an exception for the "A Heart for Children" donation gala (ZDF) and the "2020! People, Pictures, Emotions" review show (RTL).

Helene Fischer hopes for a carefree year 2021

In her last Instagram post to date, she wished her followers a "promising year 2021" and: "I wish all of us that 2021 brings back the things that make life so worth living. Social evenings with friends, carefree travel, concert visits, Hugs and a carefree togetherness! "