Helene Fischer: surprising words about Botox and Co.

Helene Fischer
Honest words about beauty procedures

Helene Fischer on “An evening in a frenzy”

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Helene Fischer was surprisingly open on Friday evening (November 12, 2021) in the Sat.1 special “An evening in a frenzy”. The singer also came up with the topic of botox – and uttered words that are rarely heard from celebrity ladies.

She is radiantly beautiful and overjoyed. Helene Fischer, 37, demonstrated this once more yesterday evening on the Sat.1 show “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush”.

But is everything really real about her? The wrinkle-free face was simply given by God or did a beauty doc help to make it look youthful?

Is Helene Fischer toxic?

In an interview with Steven Gätjen, the pop singer gave rare insights into her private life, even spoke openly about a topic that other celebrity ladies prefer to keep a low profile. She has a surprising opinion on the subject of botox. “A healthy dose of botox is okay,” says Helene, but then rowing back a little. “I can understand when women get botoxed.” If she has ever dared to go to the beauty doctor herself, she prefers to remain silent. “But I don’t think it’s nice when a face is too smooth, for me as a singer that wouldn’t work at all. Then a few wrinkles …”

Helene Fischer in conversation with Steven Gätjen

Helene Fischer in conversation with Steven Gätjen

© SAT.1 / Sandra Ludewig

Really everything real?

The fact that she categorically excludes botox for herself is hard to believe at the sight of it. Because in the face of the 37-year-old there are hardly any wrinkles to be seen – and even the ominous mommy glow that pregnant women are supposed to have usually doesn’t manage that. Or maybe it’s just happiness that makes them shine. “I’m happy”, Helene enthuses about her current life at the side of her partner Thomas Seitel.

Already in a Christmas mood?

In a wine-red velvet jacket, Helene Fischer took a seat yesterday evening next to presenter Steven Gätjen and exuded the first Christmas feelings. Because there is no other fabric that is worn so much at Christmas as cuddly, soft velvet. Once again, Helene did not let her baby bump become the focus of the evening. As with her appearance on “Wetten, dass ..?” last Saturday evening (November 6th, 2021), the outfit she was wearing cleverly concealed the growing core. It’s a shame actually!

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