Helene Fischer: The singer celebrates her TV comeback at the Golden Hen

Pop singer Helene Fischer celebrated her return to TV at the award ceremony of the Golden Hen. "It's a nice feeling," she stated.

The awarding of the Golden Hen 2020 on Friday evening (October 30th) had a lot of musical highlights to offer. For example, superstar Melanie C (46), the award-winning climber of the year, Ramon Roselly (26), and the cult band Pur performed their hits for the best. The latter around front man Hartmut Engler (58) was surprised at the beginning of the show with the "Ehrenhenne Musik" for the 40th stage anniversary. Who also caused big eyes: Pop star Helene Fischer (36, "roller coaster"). She returned to the stage after almost a year of TV abstinence.

"A nice feeling"

For "The Helene Fischer Show" she received the coveted audience award in the "Entertainment" category. It is now the eighth Golden Hen for Helene Fischer, who took the stage in a red evening dress. An appearance "under such circumstances" is also a premiere for her, said host Kai Pflaume (53).

It is "a nice feeling" to be back, "but also a bit confusing". After all, the pop singer is not used to performing in front of empty stands. She had her last TV appearance – in addition to her own recorded show on Christmas Day – in November 2019 at the "hit boom" of ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen (39).