Heli at Stephansplatz – shock for the family: Child (2) overrun by a Fiaker

Dramatic scenes played out early Thursday evening on Vienna’s Stephansplatz! Because there the two-year-old girl from a vacationing family fell from a cab. The child was run over and seriously injured.

Dozens of vacationers and strolling passers-by were out and about on Stephansplatz when suddenly a loud scream was heard in front of the mighty cathedral. Cause of the dramatic scenes: A two-year-old girl had fallen from a cab for an unknown reason – shortly after the family had taken a seat there for a sightseeing tour.

Within a few minutes, alarmed rescue workers with a total of five teams took care of the helpless and – according to eyewitnesses – whimpering victim in pain. According to the police, this was approachable even though the heavy wheels in the area of ​​the upper body had rolled over her.

Nevertheless, the area was cordoned off to allow the landing of the yellow (protective) angels of the ÖAMTC helicopter. Within minutes, the helicopter with an emergency doctor on board took off from the center of the federal capital – the two-year-old was flown to a Viennese hospital. There the child was examined for internal injuries.