Helicopter position: this is how you really take off during sex!

Helicopter position
This is how you really take off during sex!

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The helicopter position is particularly suitable for those who like to try things out. You can find out why and how it works here.

The same number every time you have sex can get pretty boring in the long run. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spice up your love life. Ever heard of the helicopter position? If you want to try something new in bed and don't shy away from a little effort, you should try this sex position. First of all: a lot of strength and tension is required – from both partners! You will soon understand why the position is reminiscent of the rotor blades of a helicopter …

This is how the helicopter position works

Ready for a test flight? Then get yourself into position (and of course in the mood!) As follows:

  1. The man lies on his back.
  2. The woman sits down on him, as in the (reverse) equestrian position, inserts the penis and then leans back a little.
  3. Now she positions her legs so that the leg position forms a "V".
  4. He begins to twist his partner around his penis.

Found a helicopter? 😉 You see, this is by no means a sex position for lazy people, a lot of muscle strength and body tension is required here. The man's erection should also be very hard. So in the beginning it is better to slowly approach the position, a penis fracture is definitely not in your sense. Try out which speed and which rhythm is right for you.

Even more exciting positions

If the sporting challenge is just right for you, here are some other things you can try out during sex. If you want more endurance during sex, you should include the side position, the blooming orchid or the spoon position in your love life (if you don't already do that!).

The Kamasutra is known for its unusual sex positions and its even more unusual names: the armistice, the goat and the tree or the floating union are just a few examples. The Indian teaching on sexuality always provides variety.

And: if you are not afraid of the helicopter position, you can next time venture to 69 standing!

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