Hellish! KFC offers beta access to Diablo IV with sandwiches?!

Mathieu Grumiaux

March 10, 2023 at 2:45 p.m.


Diablo IV © © Blizzard

© Blizzard

KFC fans will be able to grab codes to participate in the beta session, which will run from March 17-19, but not in all countries around the world.

We had to wait 11 long years, but that’s it, Diablo IV finally arrives with a release scheduled for June 6, both on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X and Xbox One.

A beta reserved for first-time buyers

Before millions of players return to Blizzard’s hack’n’ slash universe and set off to conquer hundreds of new dungeons infested with each more demonic creature than the next, the publisher is offering a period of early access, which will take place during the weekend of March 17-19.

To participate, simply pre-order the game on the various online stores to obtain access for 48 hours. This first beta phase will allow you to discover the first three classes out of the five offered, namely the barbarian, the thief and the sorcerer, and to raise your character or characters up to level 25.

There is also another way, easier and cheaper, which is simply to go to fast food.

KFC partners with Blizzard in the US to offer invite codes

The American chain KFC, known around the world for its famous secret recipe for fried chicken, offers, for any purchase of selected sandwiches on its website or mobile application, to be offered an invitation code to the beta. public scheduled in a few days.

Players have until March 18 to order their meal and the restaurant chain says codes will be provided while supplies last. Unfortunately for us, only the United States is affected by this promotional offer.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Diablo IV, don’t panic though. Blizzard will offer a public beta phase open to everyone a week later, during the weekend of March 24. The five classes will be accessible this time and will allow you to form a more precise opinion on this highly anticipated title.

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