Hello autumn! This is how we prefer to combine thermal leggings in 2021

Thermal leggings
Defy the cool temperatures in style

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Thermal leggings are simply THE hit in the cold season. Because thanks to them, we can draw on the full when it comes to styling, even in autumn or even icy temperatures.

Thermal leggings may not have the best reputation. Totally wrong! Because in the colder months, they are not only good for keeping us warm, but also enable us to wear our favorite pieces that it is actually too cold for. Do not you think? We’ll prove it to you!

Thermal leggings: Hard to beat in terms of diversity

“Normal” leggings are quite controversial: some love them, others hate them. However, we should all agree on thermal leggings. Because while they – like their “normal friends” – can serve as a substitute for trousers, they also ensure that thin dresses or skirts remain wearable even at temperatures in the single-digit range. If that’s not an argument for all legging skeptics. Let’s see what three popular styling options thermal leggings offer.

“All the single leggings”

If you are skeptical about the nice weather variant – you can easily wear the thermal leggings instead of ordinary trousers. Thanks to the solid and therefore opaque material, you don’t need to worry that your underwear will show up unattractively. We especially love the combination with a thick sweater – ideally in oversize – as well as rough boots and matching winter accessories such as Beanie and scarf.

It looks cool and relaxed and you are ready for any outrage. Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood or a visit to the playground with the children – the cold definitely won’t drive you home.

Tip: Thermal leggings are not only available in black or gray. With a bold color or one beautiful pattern you can make your legs an eye-catcher. Then maybe you should just do without flashy tops and accessories so that your look doesn’t look too cluttered.

This is how (summer) clothes are suitable for winter

Do you also have that one favorite dress that you just can’t get enough of, but that is actually only for the summer? Even maxi dresses with long sleeves can quickly cause frostbite without thermal leggings – not a good idea. With a good one Thermal leggings but it is precisely this problem that has been eliminated.

Depending on the style, color or pattern of your dress, you are guaranteed to find the right thermal leggings that will make your look suitable for autumn or winter. A matching cardigan, maybe one more Waist beltthat does something for your silhouette and shoes of your choice – your outfit is ready. The best thing about it: With the right accessories and shoes, you can go in any fashion direction. From the romantic look to the casual chic, everything is possible depending on the combination. Just let off steam!

“Rock around the clock”

A short skirt in autumn or winter? “Brrrrr!” You might be thinking to yourself now. But this outfit is absolutely feasible with thermal leggings. Thanks to thermal leggings, there are no limits when it comes to styling a skirt. How about, for example, a combination of mini and leggings in black and a thick, fluffy one Hoodie in a bright color?

It can of course also be more discreet; for example with a selection of gray and beige tones. After all, tone on tone always looks chic and classy – there is one that suits you too Thermal leggings out of the way. Plus a couple of cozy ones UGG boots in a matching natural shade and color-coordinated accessories – and your clothes will turn into an outfit that should be seen.

What are the advantages of thermal leggings in autumn and winter?

As mentioned at the beginning, the subject of “leggings” is by no means undisputed. While many people love them because of their comfort and the wide range of uses, others cannot take advantage of conventional pants substitutes. It is often criticized that leggings quickly let the underwear shine through, constricts unfavorably or reveals unattractive glimpses of a woman’s genital area. The good news: none of this should be the case with good thermal leggings. Since it is made of a much thicker material and / or has an inner lining and often a wider cuff that prevents cutting, so-called “tripping hazards” are eliminated.

You should still consider two or three things when choosing your thermal leggings.

  • Choose the right size: Many thermal leggings have a high percentage of stretch. Nevertheless, one should not exhaust this, but rather fall back on a size larger if necessary. Nothing can constrict, pinch or even restrict it so much that blood circulation is impaired. This can quickly lead to cold and that’s exactly what we want to prevent.
  • Small patterns can be applied quickly and optically add a few kilos. If you want to avoid this, opt for larger patterns or a single-colored pair when choosing your thermal leggings.
  • Balance is the key to success. That means: If you choose thermal leggings in a bright color or with an eye-catching pattern, we would advise you to keep the rest of your outfit more subtle. It doesn’t seem “too much” like that.

Thermal leggings: what makes them stand out?

Seen from the outside, thermal leggings are no different from conventional leggings for the spring and summer months. The difference is hidden inside: Thermal leggings own a feeding. As a rule, this consists of fleece, also of what is known as teddy fur. A usually quite wide cuff should not only ensure a good hold, but also prevent constriction and keep the kidneys warm, even if the top should slip.

By the way: Thermal tights are also available. If you want to pack your feet right away, you have the solution at hand.

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