Helma Sick: Questions about pensions

Helma Sick
Questions about pensions

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BRIGITTE Woman financial expert Helma Sick clarifies questions about finances.

Cryptocurrency – a sensible investment?

You haven’t written anything about cryptocurrencies yet. Why?

They are highly speculative, so very few people consider investing there. Who wants to consciously risk a total loss? New payment methods will take hold if they are safe and reliable. This does not apply to cryptocurrencies that are not legal tender, are not regulated by the financial supervisory authority (BaFin), have no substantial value such as stocks or gold and where daily fluctuations of up to 80 percent are possible.

Rürup pension – how much to pay in?

I (48) am self-employed, earn well and took out a Rürup pension a few years ago. That should be especially for the self-employed. I pay in 75 euros a month. Is this okay?

No! With the Rürup pension you not only save a later pension. The absolute highlight of this pension model is the high tax savings. You can deduct 92 percent of your deposit for tax purposes this year. In 2022 it will be 94 percent, in 2023 96 percent, etc. And that is why the Rürup pension is particularly suitable for self-employed people with a high income.

If you deposit € 75 a month, that’s only € 828 a year that you can deduct. You are giving away the greatest benefit that the Rürup pension offers. The best thing to do is to talk to your tax advisor about what annual amount makes sense for your income. You can currently pay in a maximum of 25,787 euros per year; married couples double that amount.

Pension provision – how can the pension gap be filled?

My husband and I are expecting a baby. He earns very well, so we decided together that I will stay at home for the next few years. My husband is ready to make up for the loss of my pension. What could I do?

First of all, you should contact the Deutsche Rentenversicherung or an independent pension advisor (rentenberater.de) Calculate how large the pension gap will be if, for example, you have been inactive for five years and then work part-time for a few years. These pension losses can be offset, for example, with a fund savings plan based on shares or, if you want to be on the safe side, with a private pension insurance. An independent financial advisor can work out how much your husband will have to pay in to get the amount you want.

Inheritance – compulsory portion

My daughter was born out of wedlock. Her father later married. Now he died suddenly. The wife is sole heir. Can my daughter receive a compulsory portion of the estate? Does she have to do something, or is it not necessary?

Our lawyer says: Your daughter is entitled to the compulsory portion equal to half of the statutory portion of the inheritance. Your daughter will not receive this automatically. She must claim it from the wife within three years of the death. The heiress is obliged to provide information about the amount of the estate so that the compulsory portion can be calculated. Inspection of files at the probate court with legal support can also be helpful.

Fixed-term deposit – can I cancel?

I intend to put a larger sum in a fixed deposit account for a few years. You can’t cancel that, they say. But now I have heard that there is still the possibility of quitting, under special circumstances. Which are they?

There is normally no provision for terminating a fixed-term deposit. However, the legislature allows early termination of a fixed-term deposit “for an important reason without observing a notice period”. The bank can determine what that means. In the past, these important reasons were: unemployment and receipt of ALG II, death of the account holder, bankruptcy of the bank, impending personal bankruptcy.

Investment – Various terms

Is there actually a fundamental consideration as to how one should invest money?

It has proven useful to invest money with different terms: Short-term – e.g. B. in overnight money for quick access or emergencies. Medium term – when a specific goal is to be achieved, e.g. B. loan repayments, real estate purchase, etc. Here I find mixed funds very useful, which are available with different shares. Long-term – for old-age provision, e.g. B. Equity funds, private pension insurance, real estate. When you split your money like this, you have prepared for any eventuality.

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