“Help me say no to him”: Camille Kouchner reports the heartbreaking words of her brother after an alleged assault on Olivier Duhamel: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It is a poignant, hard-hitting, necessary book that will undoubtedly help free speech. In La Familia Grande (than Current wife was able to obtain and read before its publication, Thursday, January 7, 2021, published by Le Seuil), Camille Kouchner, daughter-in-law of political scientist Olivier Duhamel, accuses the latter of incest. The lawyer tells how the famous constitutionalist would have abused his twin brother, nicknamed “Victor” in order to preserve his anonymity. We learn, among other things, that Olivier Duhamel would have subjected “Blowjobs” to his stepson when he was 13, for several years. We also learn that Olivier Duhamel was adored by the three children of his wife, Evelyne Pisier, and that he was considered a real surrogate father filling the absence of the biological father, the former minister Bernard Kouchner, described as being too busy with his duties. La Familia Grande, it is, finally, the chilling story of a circle of friends who revolved around Olivier Duhamel and Evelyne Pisier and who knew, but never said anything. Camille Kouchner, who had sworn to her adored twin not to reveal anything – he has now given him his consent – signs a book to put in all hands, dissects the mechanisms of silence and evokes the weight of guilt.

"He came up to my bed and he said, 'I'll show you. You'll see, everyone's doing this'"

After an idyllic start between Olivier Duhamel and his three stepchildren, the sky darkens following two tragedies. Evelyne Pisier loses in the process her mother and her father, who committed suicide less than two years apart. Nothing will ever be the same again: she falls into depression, alcoholism. Camille Kouchner notices that this is when she loses her mother for the first time. Olivier Duhamel, he would then have turned to “Victor.” A few months later, Victor confides in his twin. "He took me for the weekend", Victor reports to his sister. There in the bedroom, he came up to my bed and he said, “I'll show you. You'll see, everyone does that. "He stroked me and then, you know … It's wrong, you think? He says mom is too tired, we'll tell him after. His parents killed each other. Do not add more. Respect this secret. I promised him, so you promise. If you talk, I die. I'm ashamed. Help me say no to him, please. " Evelyne Pisier, who would have learned this sordid story many years later, would have protected her husband until his death, in 2017. He would not have really sought to deny. Monday January 4, 2021, three days before the publication of La Familia Grande, the political scientist announced his resignation on Twitter. Bernard Kouchner, who was also in the know, supported the publication of the book. “I admire the courage of my daughter Camille, he said in a press release. “Fortunately, a heavy secret which weighed on us for too long has been lifted.“The facts are now prescribed. For lack of trial, Olivier Duhamel remains, for the time being, presumed innocent. The Paris public prosecutor's office, however, opened a preliminary investigation on Tuesday, January 5, the aim being to discover possible new victims and to verify the limitation periods.

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