Her colleague forces her to have an abortion, she files a complaint


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In Paris, a young woman lodged a complaint against the HSBC bank after being the victim of violence from her work colleague, who exerted pressure and even violence on her.

Pushed by her colleague to abort via psychological and even physical violence, a young woman filed a complaint on August 20, 2021 with the Paris public prosecutor against this colleague, but also his company. The two employees of the HSBC bank had a relationship of a few months. When the young woman got pregnant, the young man asked her to have an abortion. In order to obtain satisfaction, he exerted psychological pressure: threats and insults by e-mail, but also suicide blackmail, relates the newspaper Le Parisien. The man went so far as to hit the young woman. This assault was the subject of a complaint for domestic violence. These pressures ultimately led the complainant to have an abortion. Her doctor then noticed persistent anxiety in her.

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Endangered by his employer

The complaint against HSBC is filed because of inaction in the face of the situation, known by the employer according to the complainant, and for endangering his person during working time. To protect herself, the employee said she demanded precautionary measures, but the human resources department had opted for status quo. However, the company has an obligation of safety towards the people it employs. “This desire to cover an employee recognized as violent and who is proven to have committed serious criminal offenses against his partner, proves at worst that there is a complicit silence, at best a criminal offense of non-assistance to person in danger “, details the victim’s lawyer.

The young woman says that everyone was aware of the situation. She was going to work “the lump in the stomach”, she who had never “asked to continue working with him.” The two colleagues would also have both received a form ordering them to adopt “strictly professional behavior within the company”. For the young woman’s lawyer, the company “treats the executioner and the victim in the same way, proclaims the equality of men and women but finds it difficult to apply it visibly”.

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