Her daughter ingests batteries from an audio book, this mother calls for vigilance


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Batteries are present in various everyday objects. In remote controls, cameras or even children’s toys. Remember that young children are used to putting things in their mouths on a regular basis. In these cases, an accident can quickly happen …

Camille is the mother of twins. This Sunday, October 3, while her daughters are playing quietly and serenely in the living room and one of them is handling an audio book, she realizes very quickly that the battery cover is missing. She wastes no time grabbing the toy and notices that the batteries are gone. She states that “I saw that two batteries were no longer there. But at the time I did not panic. I said to myself that I must have sucked them up as I often do housework. ” Moreover, the child showed no sign of concern to his mother Camille. The day passes and still no worrying signs of the child, until the moment when, the next morning, Camille realizes while changing her daughter that her stools are totally abnormal, much too dark. And she is sure after doing some research on the internet.

A long stay in the hospital

Camille then decides to contact a doctor, but problem, impossible to get an appointment. The Aulnoye Health Center is overwhelmed and does not offer him an appointment before Friday. The parents therefore went to the emergency room in Valencienne at 3 p.m. Unfortunately, the child was not taken care of before 8 p.m. but ended up having x-rays. Everything changes for Camille and her husband when they receive the results of the radio which indeed show that a battery is in the stomach of their daughter. “Then there was a second pile in the esophagus. The doctors were also worried that the battery would burn the muscle tube. ” she says. Camille’s daughter is transferred directly to the emergency room in Lille for surgery. “Everything went well. The family asked for news. Everyone was reassured. ” declares Camille. However, the little girl still has to make several check-ups in the coming weeks. A few days later, Camille wanted to share this bad experience on social networks. “It can happen to any child. The toy was new and CE standards. It was supposed to be suitable for very young children deplores the young mother. I want to send a prevention message: watch out for the screw caps on toys. Since toys are intended for children, you don’t necessarily think about it. ”

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To be careful

Indeed, even more at the time of birthdays and end-of-year celebrations (during which children receive a mountain of gifts), the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control) reminds us how important it is to be vigilant about button batteries, which are often responsible for household accidents. And even if today there are different systems to limit this type of accident, such as the batteries invented by Duracell with a bitter taste and tear-proof packaging, the risks must be limited. Keep button batteries out of the reach of your children. Also favor the purchase of products whose battery compartment is secure such as resistant packaging that requires the use of scissors. If your kids are very young, it’s best to turn to products that run on big batteries. Make sure the compartment is not accessible to your toddler. More difficult or even impossible to swallow, your child will be able to have fun without danger.

How to react if your child has swallowed one of these famous batteries?

There is not a minute to lose, you have to call the Antipoison Center or the SAMU (15)!

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