her daughter’s shoes taped to her feet at nursery

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A mother angry after finding out what her little girl went through at daycare…

It is a mother who has become mad with rage by discovering the ordeal of his daughter! Indeed, an American woman, Jessica Hayes, was literally flabbergasted after going to recover her 17 month old daughter at Pleasant Hill Daycare in Elkin, North Carolina, USA. And for good reason, she discovered that a staff member had taped the shoes of his daughter at his feet! And after removing the tape from the girl’s ankles, she couldn’t help herself and testified on her Facebook page and shared some screaming photos. We thus discover hematomas, swelling and red marks on the child’s ankles (see HERE). Shouldn’t have said it publicly, given the reputation of the daycare. The post has since been deleted. On the images published by the mother, we can see multiple layers of tape wrapped around the little girl’s shoes, apparently in order to tighten them and keep them at her feet. And what is terribly embarrassing is that the tape on the child’s right foot goes up over his shoes and socks and is stuck to his skin. “I am angry that this happened to my child, because someone was clearly upset that she learned to take off her shoes and did that so as not to be annoyed“, she notably wrote on Facebook. “It wasn’t just his shoes that were taped, it was around his ankle. For athletes who tap their shoes, they are older, they have a say in doing it and can say that it is too tight and it bothers them. My 17 month old was unable to say anything“.”Yes, it hurts And break the trust when you put that trust in two people who have been with my daughter since she was 6 weeks old and you see her shoes stuck on her as well as her ankles“, she added.

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The fired staff

Seeing the tape on her daughter’s feet, Jessica Hayes went straight to the daycare director, who she said “was just as speechless“. The daycare reacted quickly: “Pleasant Hill Daycare also took appropriate action and fired both employees involved“, she still wrote on Facebook. “I think the names of these people should not be mentioned because it is their private life. I personally spoke with the director and we went through the footage together, we both think the appropriate measures were taken. It’s all that matters as a parent to feel that adequate measures have been taken“. Regarding the derogatory comments that she may have received, the mother of the little girl did not mince her words and did not hesitate to answer: “To those of you who think I created a bad reputation for this daycare and that I should withdraw my child if I have a problem. I keep my head up and I feel like I did whatever it took to be my child’s voice“, she wrote.

Jessica Hayes then explained that as a single mother, she still depends on this daycare to watch over her child so that she can start supporting herself again. “My daughter went straight back to daycare the next day and the rest of the week. I’m feeling good to do it and I will continue to do it“. And to add to conclude: “That being said, EVERYONE should be able to do the same. I’m sure it won’t happen to another child because it has made everyone aware“. It has the merit of being clear !

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