her ex-boyfriend didn’t know Lucas, “I’ve never heard of this person”

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The former companion of Justine Vayrac, Alexandre, has made new revelations about the murder of the young woman. He did not know Lucas L, the alleged murderer of his son’s mother.

The sordid murder of Justine Vayrac shocked the French. His funeral took place Friday afternoon in Tauriac in the Lot in the presence of several hundred people. The young woman was mother of a little boy, Gabin. Her dad, Alexandre, separated from Justine for a year and a half, reacted to the death of his ex-companion.

Alexandre, confided that he did not know, Lucas L, the alleged murderer of the mother of his son. “I have never heard of this person”. He explained in particular that he knew that Justine “had rebuilt his life” but he did not know his new associates.

The 20-year-old had custody of his son when Justine Vayrac disappeared. In the columns of Ebra Group Newspapershe revealed that he did not immediately worry about her disappearance. “The first day, I didn’t worry. I told myself that Justine was resourceful. She was always very suspicious. The second day, I started asking myself questions. I contacted her parents. It was from Tuesday evening that I said to myself that there was really a problem”he specified.

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“She has always been a good mother”

Alexandre has fond memories of Justine Vayrac. She’s always been a good mother. Since birth, she has always done what was right for him. She had stopped her studies for Gabin. She always fought for him. Even in bad times, she managed to get up, he explained.

From now on, he wants to do everything to protect his little boy. “He spoke to me about his mother but did not ask me for her”, did he declare. And to continue: “I try to do my best so that Gabin has everything he needs in life and that he lacks nothing, despite the fact that he no longer has his mother”.

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